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Sunbeam Heated Blanket – The Perfect Cozy Companion

Sunbeam Heated Blanket – The Perfect Cozy Companion

Sunbeam Heated Blanket – The Perfect Cozy Companion

Are you tired of shivering through cold nights? Look no further than the Sunbeam Heated Blanket. This innovative blanket is designed to provide you with the ultimate comfort and warmth, ensuring a cozy night’s sleep every time.

Customizable Heat Zones for Personalized Comfort

One of the standout features of the Sunbeam Heated Blanket is its customizable heat zones. With two separate zones for the body and feet, you can adjust the heat settings to your liking. Whether you prefer a toasty warm body and slightly cooler feet or vice versa, this blanket has got you covered.

25 Heat Settings for Precise Temperature Control

With 25 heat settings to choose from, you can easily find the perfect temperature that suits your preferences. Whether you like it warm and cozy or just a touch of heat, this blanket allows you to customize your comfort level with ease.

Preheat Function for Instant Warmth

Worried about climbing into a cold bed? The Sunbeam Heated Blanket comes with a preheat function that warms up your bed before you even get in. Say goodbye to chilly sheets and hello to instant warmth and comfort.

Auto-Off Feature for Peace of Mind

Safety is a top priority, and the Sunbeam Heated Blanket ensures just that with its auto-off feature. You can set the blanket to automatically turn off after a certain period of time, giving you peace of mind and preventing any overheating.

Soft Velvet Material for Luxurious Feel

Not only does the Sunbeam Heated Blanket provide exceptional functionality, but it also offers a luxurious feel. Made from soft velvet material, this blanket is incredibly cozy and gentle against your skin, making it the perfect companion for a good night’s sleep.

  • Customizable heat zones for personalized comfort
  • 25 heat settings for precise temperature control
  • Preheat function for instant warmth
  • Auto-off feature for peace of mind
  • Soft velvet material for a luxurious feel

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I wash the Sunbeam Heated Blanket?

Yes, the Sunbeam Heated Blanket is machine washable. Simply remove the cord and controller, and follow the care instructions provided.

2. How long does it take for the blanket to heat up?

The blanket heats up quickly and efficiently. It usually takes around 10-15 minutes to reach the desired temperature.

3. Is the blanket safe to use overnight?

Yes, the Sunbeam Heated Blanket is designed with safety in mind. It has an auto-off feature that turns off the blanket after a certain period of time to prevent overheating.

4. Can I use the blanket on a memory foam mattress?

Yes, the Sunbeam Heated Blanket can be used on any type of mattress, including memory foam. It provides an extra layer of warmth and comfort.


Experience the ultimate comfort and warmth with the Sunbeam Heated Blanket. With customizable heat zones, 25 heat settings, preheat function, and auto-off feature, this blanket is the perfect companion for a cozy night’s sleep. Say goodbye to cold nights and hello to luxurious comfort.