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Sisley Instant Perfect Minimizes Shine and Fine Lines – 20 ml

Sisley Instant Perfect Minimizes Shine and Fine Lines – 20 ml

Sisley Instant Perfect Minimizes Shine and Fine Lines – 20 ml

Sisley, a French brand, is one of the world leaders in luxury cosmetics and boasts one of the strongest growth rates in the industry. Sisley products are marketed in over 80 countries on all five continents. Sisley controls the major part of its distribution through a network of around thirty subsidiaries, with over 80 percent of its revenues generated from exports. The majority of Sisley’s products are manufactured in France, mainly in its Blois plant, while its Research and Development laboratories are located just outside Paris.

Sisley owes its success largely to the quality of its products. It offers targeted skincare solutions for every skin type. The creators at Sisley strive to offer products with the highest efficacy and the best tolerance, combining knowledge and anticipation of consumer needs, creativity, perfectionism, rigour and attention to detail during the elaboration of every new product.

Phytocosmetology involves using natural plant extracts in beauty products. Each natural extract contains key active ingredients that perform a specific action. The synergy of natural extracts results in the amplification and strengthening of the effects of each individual active ingredient. This synergy is at the heart of Sisley research. Sisley products are derived from natural plant extracts and essential oils, rigorously selected and controlled.

Product Details


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Box Contains

1x Sisley Instant Perfect minimizes shine and fine lines.

About this item

  • Corrective skin enhancing care
  • Instantly smoothes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Diminishes shine and tightens pores
  • Erases blemishes and refines skin texture
  • Skin is instantly radiant and uniform

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does the Sisley Instant Perfect last?

The 20 ml bottle of Sisley Instant Perfect can last for approximately 2-3 months with regular use.

2. Can I use the Sisley Instant Perfect under makeup?

Yes, the Sisley Instant Perfect can be used as a makeup base to create a smooth and flawless canvas for your makeup application.

3. Is the Sisley Instant Perfect suitable for all skin types?

Yes, the Sisley Instant Perfect is suitable for all skin types. It is designed to minimize shine, smooth fine lines, and refine skin texture for a radiant and uniform complexion.


Experience the transformative power of Sisley Instant Perfect. This corrective skin enhancing care instantly smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, diminishes shine and tightens pores, erases blemishes, and refines skin texture. With its natural plant extracts and essential oils, Sisley Instant Perfect offers targeted skincare solutions for every skin type. Achieve a radiant and uniform complexion with Sisley Instant Perfect.