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Raw Elements Tinted Facial Moisturizer Certified Natural Sunscreen

Raw Elements Tinted Facial Moisturizer Certified Natural Sunscreen

Raw Elements Tinted Facial Moisturizer Certified Natural Sunscreen

Introducing the Raw Elements Tinted Facial Moisturizer, a revolutionary product that combines the benefits of a facial moisturizer with the protection of a certified natural sunscreen. This unique formula is designed to provide your skin with the nourishment it needs while shielding it from harmful UV rays.

Why Choose Raw Elements Tinted Facial Moisturizer?

Our tinted facial moisturizer stands out from the crowd for several reasons:

Non-Nano Zinc Oxide Protection

Unlike many other sunscreens on the market, our product contains non-nano zinc oxide. This means that the particles are not small enough to be absorbed into your skin, reducing the risk of any potential health concerns.

95% Organic Ingredients

We believe in using only the best ingredients in our products. That’s why our tinted facial moisturizer is made with 95% organic ingredients, ensuring that you are putting only the purest and most natural substances on your skin.

Water Resistant and Reef Safe

Whether you’re swimming, sweating, or simply going about your day, our tinted facial moisturizer will stay put. It is water-resistant, providing you with long-lasting protection. Additionally, it is reef safe, meaning it won’t harm our precious coral reefs.

Non-GMO and Cruelty-Free

We are committed to creating products that are safe for both you and the environment. Our tinted facial moisturizer is non-GMO, ensuring that no genetically modified organisms are used in its production. Furthermore, it is cruelty-free, as we believe in the ethical treatment of animals.

SPF 30+ Sun Protection

With an SPF rating of 30+, our tinted facial moisturizer provides you with broad-spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays. This means that your skin is shielded from the harmful effects of the sun, reducing the risk of sunburn and premature aging.

Reusable Tin Packaging

Our tinted facial moisturizer comes in a reusable tin, making it not only convenient but also eco-friendly. Say goodbye to single-use plastic tubes and hello to a more sustainable option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the tinted facial moisturizer suitable for all skin types?

Yes, our tinted facial moisturizer is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. The organic ingredients used in the formula are gentle and nourishing, making it ideal for everyday use.

Can I wear makeup over the tinted facial moisturizer?

Absolutely! Our tinted facial moisturizer provides a smooth and even base for makeup application. You can apply your favorite foundation or powder on top without any issues.

How often should I reapply the tinted facial moisturizer?

We recommend reapplying the tinted facial moisturizer every two hours, especially if you are exposed to direct sunlight or engaging in water activities.


Experience the best of both worlds with the Raw Elements Tinted Facial Moisturizer. This certified natural sunscreen offers non-nano zinc oxide protection, organic ingredients, water resistance, reef safety, and cruelty-free formulation. With an SPF rating of 30+ and a reusable tin packaging, it is the perfect choice for those who prioritize both skincare and environmental sustainability.