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Onyx Coating Quartz Ceramic Coating

Onyx Coating Quartz Ceramic Coating

Onyx Coating Quartz Ceramic Coating


Enhance the reflective properties of a car麓s paint by adding a smooth, deep shine and glossy finish with the 9H Nano Ceramic Coating manufactured with the latest Nano-coating technology.

Nano Coating Benefits

  • Real Nano Coating
  • 9H Hardness
  • 3 Years of life time

9H Benefits

  • High gloss paint protection with anti-Scratch 9H Hardness
  • Deep High Gloss Reflective finish
  • Easy to apply on paint surface and can be used on paint, gel coat, metal and wheels
  • Water repellency of 110掳 providing shield which keeps your protected surface looking great


  1. 9H hardness Requires a single, thin coating
  2. Semi-permanent coating will not be affected by washing
  3. Fast & easy application
  4. Easy-to-clean
  5. High gloss finish
  6. Prevents color fading
  7. Protects painted bodywork, chrome, and exhaust
  8. Easily sheds dirt, rain, and snow
  9. Outstanding scratch resistance
  10. UV resistant
  11. Oxidation and corrosion resistant
  12. Advanced chemical and solvent resistance
  13. Cured coating may be re-coated, waxed or sealed over
  14. Withstands

Product Details

  • Content: 50ml
  • Applicable Material: Paint, Plastic, Aluminum, Chrome
  • Durability: 3 Years (May vary according to the environment)
  • Hardness: 9H Pencil Hardness
  • Water Repellency: 120S掳 at 20 渭L, glass
  • Oil Repellency: 80掳 at 20 渭L, glass
  • Roll Off Angle: 9-12掳 at 20 渭L, glass
  • Coating Thickness: 600-800 nm
  • Initial Curing Time: IR Heat Treatment- 30 minutes, Room Temperature: 1-2 hours
  • Final Curing Time: 1 Day (For using maintenance coat or wash)
  • Build-up Time: 1 Day (cures with H2O in the atmosphere)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does the coating last?

A: The coating lasts up to 3 years, but the durability may vary according to the environment.

Q: Can it be used on surfaces other than paint?

A: Yes, it can be used on plastic, aluminum, and chrome surfaces as well.

Q: Is it easy to apply?

A: Yes, it is fast and easy to apply on the paint surface.


With Onyx Coating Quartz Ceramic Coating, you can achieve a smooth, deep shine and glossy finish on your car’s paint. The 9H hardness provides superior protection against scratches, pollutants, oxidation, and UV rays. The coating is easy to apply and lasts up to 3 years. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance the reflective properties of your car’s paint with this innovative product.