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Ocean 5 Kubb – Original Viking Throwing Game for Outdoors

Ocean 5 Kubb – Original Viking Throwing Game for Outdoors

Ocean 5 Kubb – Original Viking Throwing Game for Outdoors

“The trendy game from Scandinavia you can now also play in your own garden, in the park or on the campsite. This skill game for the whole family ensures guaranteed fun. This throwing game trains your motor skills, numerical comprehension and you’re moving outside in the fresh air – all around fun in nature or at home on the lawn. The wooden game, also known as the Viking Game in the north, is easy to learn and play. Here, young and old can compete against each other.”

Contents and Delivery

  • 1 king with crown
  • 10 servants
  • 6 throwing sticks
  • 4 field marking sticks
  • 1 cotton bag

How to Play

There will be 2 teams competing against each other. On the marked-out playing field, 6 servant figures are set up, with the king in the middle. The aim of the game is to topple the king, but before that, the servants must be knocked over. For this, the teams throw their throwing sticks on the opposite side and try to hit the servants first. Only when all the servants have been knocked over can the king be targeted. The team who successfully knocks over the king wins.

Guaranteed Fun!

The new trendy family game – Kubb from Scandinavia offers fun for the whole family.

Outdoor Fun!

With the original Viking chess throwing game or wooden chess set cone game, we offer you the ideal outdoor game – whether you’re in the garden, park or on a campsite.

For Young and Old!

The rules of the game are very easy to learn. This skill game is designed for up to 6 people – 100% fun without age limit – a family game for kids and adults!


Kubb is a funny throwing game and has long been known as Swedish chess in Scandinavia.


The Viking game figures (1x King, 10 servants, 6x throwing sticks, and 4x marking sticks) come in a light cotton bag, so the game can be easily transported.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: Can the game be played indoors?
  • A: The game is designed for outdoor play, but it can be played indoors with caution to avoid any damage to the surroundings.
  • Q: Is the game suitable for children under 5 years old?
  • A: The game is recommended for children from 5 years old and above, under adult supervision.
  • Q: How many players can participate in the game?
  • A: The game is designed for up to 6 players.

Experience the Ocean 5 Kubb – Original Viking Throwing Game for Outdoors and enjoy hours of guaranteed fun with your family and friends. This skill game not only provides entertainment but also helps improve motor skills and numerical comprehension. Get ready to embrace the fresh air and have a blast playing this trendy game from Scandinavia!