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Kinetic Sand, Deluxe Swirl N’ Surprise Playset

Kinetic Sand, Deluxe Swirl N’ Surprise Playset

Kinetic Sand, Deluxe Swirl N’ Surprise Playset


Swirl sand to magically create beautiful sand art with the Deluxe Swirl N’ Surprise playset! This playset offers the most hands-on approach to Kinetic Sand art play, allowing kids to flow, swirl, and stack sand with 4 tools and 2.5lbs of sand in various colors. With red, purple, green, yellow, white, and purple sand, the possibilities for creativity are endless.


Swirl and Reveal Surprise Designs

There are so many ways to play with the Deluxe Swirl N’ Surprise Set! Fill the sand swirler, layer sand, squish it, carve it, slice it, and more! The most exciting part is revealing your surprises as you create mesmerizing sand art designs.

6 Colors of Kinetic Sand

This Kinetic Sand kit includes 2.5lbs of sand in six vibrant colors – red, blue, green, yellow, exclusive white, and purple. Fluff the sand and let it flow, then use the tools to layer, carve, and slice the sand to reveal unique designs.

Artist Palette and 4 Kinetic Sand Tools

Store and mix colors easily using the artist palette included in the set. With four Kinetic Sand molds and tools, you can transform the sand and customize your effects. Let your imagination run wild!

Loads of Sensory Fun

Kinetic Sand not only provides hours of fun but also helps develop creative and sensory skills in kids. It allows them to create anything they can imagine, making it a great addition to sensory bins. The Deluxe Swirl N’ Surprise playset is the perfect gift for kids aged 3 and up.

Non-Toxic and Safe

Kinetic Sand is made with natural sand and is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and safe for pretend play, arts & crafts, sand art, and kids crafts. It magically sticks together and is easy to clean up. It is also wheat, gluten, and casein-free, ensuring a safe play experience for all kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kinetic Sand safe for kids?

Yes, Kinetic Sand is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and safe for kids to play with. It is made from natural sand and does not contain any harmful substances.

Can Kinetic Sand be used for arts and crafts?

Absolutely! Kinetic Sand is perfect for arts and crafts projects. Its moldable and mesmerizing texture allows kids to create various sculptures and designs.

How do I clean up Kinetic Sand?

Kinetic Sand is easy to clean up. It magically sticks together, making it simple to gather and dispose of. You can also use a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth to remove any leftover sand.


The Kinetic Sand Deluxe Swirl N’ Surprise playset offers endless creative possibilities for kids. With its mesmerizing sand art designs and vibrant colors, it provides hours of sensory fun. Let your imagination flow and create unique sand sculptures with this amazing playset. Get yours today and experience the magic of Kinetic Sand!